Dangerously Delicious: Why WickedCup Serves Only ORGANIC Coffees and Teas

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  The word “Wicked” stands for a few different things, most often evil or involving negative connotations; however, in recent years, this outdated usage is reserved for Disney witches and the Land of Oz. Since its first documented positive use by The Great Gatsby author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Wicked” has become synonymous with ideas of excellence, splendor, and remarkability—take the “Wicked” Rocky Mountains, for instance.

Just like the outdated definition represents something we all want to avoid, also gone are the days where we consume evil ingredients lurking under the surface of deceptive packaging and marketing ploys. As we continue to move away from products made up of toxins, chemicals, and pesticides, among other consumable villains, Organic tea and coffee allow us to still enjoy something we all love in a wicked way—minus the health hazards.

While you may be under the impression that stocking your fridge full of organic produce is enough to maintain your health and top-notch world citizen status, many people may not realize that the average (non-organic) cup of tea or coffee is also harmful to farmers, the environment, and yourself.

At WickedCup, the definition of Organic is “no artificial anything!” This means no artificial colours, flavours, or sugars. All teas stem from organic ago-ecological farms, and we insist on preparing the most wholesome and naturally delicious blends of coffee and tea for our valued café clientele (that’s you!).

So let’s break down that broad claim and explain why sipping Organic is the Wicked way:


Did you know that conventional non-organic coffee beans are washed in a bath of chemicals before they reach your cup? Doesn’t that just make you cringe? Organic coffee and tea are free from the chlorine and ammonia that thrive within offensively non-organic blends.


Coffee beans are one of the most heavily sprayed crops of all foods produced in the conventional way. This non-organic way sacrifices our health and environmental well-being for larger crops and bottom lines. Who wants to drink herbicides for breakfast? Villains. That’s who.


You may not ever know the farmer who makes your caffeine love-affair possible, but coffee growers (aka. the unsung heroes of the modern world) suffer from direct and indirect exposure to the harsh chemicals and toxic pesticides that are part of the non-organic process. By sipping Organic coffee, you’re not only ensuring your own health but also the health and quality of life of these vital citizens across the globe.


As Canadians, we may not ever directly witness the effects of coffee farming; regardless, land in other countries is much safer and more stable under Organic practices, which includes not only the land, but also the animals and people who live off of it. Every time you fill your WickedCup with Organic tea or coffee, you are voting for a healthier, safer industry, and a greener planet for all of us.


Nothing beats a crisp, pure WickedCup coffee or a wholesome and delicious all-natural tea blend, free from chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides, among several other artificial evils, with some hazards still frighteningly unknown.

Do you still drink non-organic? Why risk it? For a cheaper cup? When it comes to coffee and tea, it is not even a matter of getting what you pay for. Drinking conventional, non-organic beans or blends comes at a critical cost; the price we pay is far higher than when we demand Organic and sustain a Wicked quality of life.

Enjoy your next WickedCup and take comfort in knowing this one daily choice is simply good for you and our world.

By Keighlagh Donovan

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