Jasper’s WickedCup Will Serve Don’Ya’s Ukrainian Cuisine

By April 12, 2024 No Comments

 In June, Decore Hotels’ WickedCup, will offer Jasper tourists and locals authentic Ukrainian menu options. These additions will be created by Don’Ya Ukraine’s Kitchen, which employs female cooks who recently fled their homeland because of the war in Ukraine.

“From day one, it was very important for our company to support the efforts in Ukraine,” Karyn Decore, CEO of Decore Group, said. “From the generosity of Jasper and Edmonton locals, our organizations’ raised $40,000 for Ukrainians, and we continue our aid by donating TVs, furniture, linens, and our time.”

The new menu items will include handmade Cabbage Rolls and Ukrainian Perogies (Varenyky), promoting traditional Ukrainian flavours and tasty recipes to support these incredibly brave women.

“We are so happy to announce this partnership and support Ukrainian newcomers by selling their products,” added Ms. Decore, a fourth generation Canadian with a Ukrainian heritage.

The WickedCup is located inside the Maligne Lodge in Jasper, Alberta and is open daily from 7:30am to 2:30pm. Check out our new menu at