Best Winter Hikes in Jasper Alberta Canada

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A vacation in Jasper provides an experience of a lifetime. Hiking is one of the best activities that you can take part in while holidaying in this area. Jasper offers visitors great hiking opportunities with a lot of adventure, fun, discovery, and relaxation. Consider the following Winter Hikes in Jasper Alberta Canada.

Sulphur Skyline

The Sulphur Skyline has a distance of 8km, and you can take approximately four to six hours to walk across. You will start at the park In Miette hot springs. As you enjoy the view, you get to enjoy a lunch or snacks with a jaw-dropping view of the famous Fiddle River Valley and limestone peaks. Remember you not miss a single view on your hike as you will have to use the same route on your way back.

Valley of five lakes

The valley of five lakes is 4.3 kilometers and will take you two to three hours. You will start at the Icefields Parkway. Along the trail, there are markers leading to each of the small lakes. There is a high likelihood that you will not miss to see some wild animals in this area.

Cavell Meadows trail

The Cavell Meadows trail is 7 kilometers and takes three to five hours depending on your speed and interest. The walk starts at Cavell Road.

Pyramid Lake loop

The pyramid lake loop is 17 kilometers and will take five to seven hours to complete. The trail starts at the Jasper Activity center parking lot. The pyramid loop will give you the spectacular view of the Athabasca Valley.

Maligne Canyon

You will take three hours to complete the seven kilometer Maligne Canyon trail from Maligne River. The upper trails will give you an outstanding view of the pools, waterfalls, canyon bottom and canyon walls.

Opal Hills loop

The opal hills loop is 8.2 kilometers, and you can take four to six hours. The starting point is from Highway 16 and then turning onto the Maligne road. These trails require a lot of hard work with a 460 meters elevation within three kilometers. However, you get to enjoy the spectacular views of the turquoise Maligne Lake and alpine wildflowers.

Path of the Glacier Loop

It’s a 1.6km trail, taking less than an hour to complete. The starting point is the End of Cavell Road. The short trail will lead you to the Cavell Meadow Fork and Cavell Pond.

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