What Your Coffee Order Says About You

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What Your Coffee Order Says About You

Black coffee drinkers, we’ve got our eye on you especially.

For most people, coffee is a constant in their morning routines. It’s the first thing they drink when they wake up in the morning — but that’s where the similarities stop. There are so many different ways to prepare a tasty cup of joe and those choices say a lot. Find out what your coffee order says about you:

The blacker, the better.

We hate to be the ones to break this to you, but you might be a psychopath (hey, don’t shoot the messenger). Or, more likely, you’re just a straight-shooter who likes their mornings to be super efficient. You also don’t like change so you keep it simple so you don’t have to stray from your usual order. As long as you have water and beans you’ll do just fine.

You like the classic “light and sweet” combo.

 You’re a people pleaser. Honestly, why else would someone who clearly likes a little flavor in their coffee still stick with the two add-ins that are always on hand just about anywhere. No, “excuse-me-but-can-I-get-this-iced” questions to the waitress from you. “I’m good” is all that comes out of your mouth. Your coffee is simple, but not boring, and totally reliable (just like you!).

You just need some sugar.

 You’re as sweet as can be — and like your coffee to match. You don’t take life too seriously and love to be spontaneous. Since you’re always looking for the next party, it’s easier to drink a simple coffee — especially since sugar packets are always easy to find. Just be careful about those afternoon slumps that can sometimes make you grumpy (what goes up, must come down!).

It needs to be piping hot.

 You’re generous and have a warm heart. How do we know? According to research by Yale University psychologists, people who hold warm cups of beverages are more caring and more likely to give to others than those who hold cold beverages. So if we had to guess, your steaming mug every morning probably leads to quite a few kind gestures.

You’ll take a just a splash of cream.

 You’re a minimalist. While you don’t love the taste of bitter coffee on its own, you can get by with just a little bit of cream. Life is easier and simpler that way. Plus, you like that your coffee is hassle-free so when you order from a barista you don’t have to wait in long lines while it’s being made — you can grab your milk at the counter and head on your merry little way.

Decaf only, please.

 You’re far too familiar with that red-rimmed coffee pot. You also get asked “How do you survive?” on a daily basis. Quite easily, thank you very much. The bottom line is you like to be in control and you’re a health nut, so you consume just enough caffeine to get the benefits of coffee (even decaf has about 2 ml in each cup) without those jittery hands.

You like it chilly — with lots of ice!

Iced coffee (especially cold brew) is all the rage these days and as a proud trend-setter you wouldn’t drink anything else (even as the weather cools down). You’re also adventurous, don’t shy away from trying new things, and love waking up in the morning and quenching your thirst on an iced cold sip of coffee.

You always require a double shot of espresso.

You like to live a little bit on the edge — and, therefore, you need a drink that will help you keep up with your lifestyle. You’re also a super hard worker and what better way to start your day at full throttle than with twice the serving of caffeine?

It doesn’t matter what’s in it — as long as it’s giant.

 You’re the one your friends can never quite keep up with. “I don’t know how she does it all,” is a murmur you often hear from close company. And if you weren’t already out the door, on your way to next appointment, you’d say: “I do it with my vat of coffee, thank you very much.”

It’s complicated.

 If you’re someone who only drinks soy milk, requires 15 words to place your coffee order, or has to have foam art as part of your morning beverage, you’re a coffee snob. And that also means you’re a perfectionist who can be somewhat obsessive in your every day life. But when you know what you like, why settle for anything less?
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