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WickedCupKarynCoffeeI am delighted to have you visit the WickedCup online where you can purchase our freshly roasted organic coffee & tea for Canada-wide delivery.

“Our definition of ORGANIC is easy to understand. It simply means no artificial anything.”
— Karyn Decore

We considered purchasing a cappuccino machine as an added service for the Decore Hotels guests at the Maligne Lodge in Jasper Alberta Canada. This idea quickly flourished and we decided Jasper National Park needed a true specialty organic coffee & tea cafe and the WickedCup was formed!

We opened a beautiful retail store in Jasper Alberta where you can purchase our organic coffee & tea, pots, cups, coffee tins and tea canisters. My sister and partner, Nicole Decore, and I travelled the world to select hand crafted items to compliment the WickedCup retail store. Stamped copper walls, a serving counter made of solid walnut and a view of the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop make this a must stop when visiting Jasper Canada.

Our WickedCup specialty organic coffee is roasted by our world recognized Master Roaster with over thirty years of experience. He combines art and science to roast our great organic coffee beans in a way that highlights their unique characteristics to bring out the very best flavour.

I wake up thinking about coffee and go to sleep dreaming about tea. Not only do I love coffee, I am tea-obssessive — I often carry a tea canister of one of our WickedCup organic teas and my favourite ceramic tea cup with me! All of our teas are 100% organic and have no artificial flavours, colours or sugars. They are both tasty and healthy! Just recently, we sourced the world’s best tea grown from organic ago-ecological farms and will be offering it in our retail store and website soon.

Purchase our WickedCup freshly roasted organic coffee and tea on this website along with our ever changing retail items.


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Get paid to create and sell speciality blends of coffee and tea while living in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains! We would like to hear from you!