Available All Day

Mount Robson Muffin 6.50

Karyn’s favorite muffin loaded with nuts, dates, oats – power packed for you to get your day started. Served with a side of fruit.

Morning Mason Jar 7.50

Wild berry compote layered with Greek yogurt, seasonal fruit and topped with Nicole’s famous paleo granola recipe

Smoked Salmon Bagel 10.50

Smoked salmon on a bagel with cream cheese, tomatoes, onions and capers served with our house hash browns

Egg BLT Baguette 14.50

Free range eggs, Canadian double smoked bacon, mixed greens, tomato, white cheddar cheese with a chipotle mayo sauce

Egg SLT Baguette 18.50

Free range eggs, smoked salmon, mixed greens, tomato bruschetta, onions, Havarti cheese with avocado ranch sauce

Egg VLT Baguette 14.95

Free range eggs, mixed greens, tomato, roasted peppers, Gouda cheese with avocado ranch sauce

Canuck Classic 13.50

Two free range eggs, Canadian double smoked bacon or sausage with house hash browns and your choice of white, whole wheat or multi-grain toast

Archie’s Famous Pancakes 13.50

A mind-blowing perfect stack of pancakes made fresh to order, topped with wild berry compote, whipped cream and side choice of Canadian double smoked bacon or sausage

Vegetarian Burrito 14.25

Free range eggs, onions, mushrooms, spinach, chives, house hash browns and Provolone cheese served in a soft tortilla

Italian Sausage Burrito 15.50

Free range eggs, Canadian double smoked bacon, mild Italian sausage, ham, house hash browns, cheddar and Jack cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla


Canadian bacon or sausage 4
One pancake 4
House hash browns 3
One egg your style 3
Toast: white, whole wheat or multi-grain bread 3
Bagel – ask server for selection 3
Cream cheese 1

Beverages are an additional charge.

Little Mountaineer Menu $7 (ages 7 and under)

Choice of orange juice, apple juice or milk

Bambino Burrito – Free range eggs, Canadian double smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, side of salsa
Short Stack for the Littles – Three silver dollar pancakes & syrup
Adventure Plate – Free Range Egg, Canadian double smoked bacon or Sausage & your choice of toast

Wine, Beer, Cider & Cocktails

Wine 5oz

Los Cardos Cab Sauv… $5
Inniskillin Merlot… $7
Black Chook Shiraz… $7.50

La Veille Ferme White… $5
Wolf Bass Chardonnay… $6
Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio… $7

Coors Banquet… $4
Star Cheek IPA… $5
Wild Rose Electric Avenue $5
Grumpy Bear Honey Wheat… $5
Powder Hound Blond Ale… $5
Alley Kat Amber Ale… $5
Alley Kat Apricot Ale… $5
Steam Whistle… $6
Stella Artois… $6

Stiegl Radler… $5.50
Somersby… $5.50
Rock Creek… $4.50

2oz Tea Cocktails

Champagne & Berry Martini $7
Ungava Gin, champagne & berry tea, citrus simple syrup, fresh lime juice

Quila Sour $6
Two Fingers Tequila, quench simple syrup with fresh lime juice

GreenTea Mojito $6
White Rum, French Ginger Liqueur, citrus simple syrup, muddled mint leaves & lime

2oz Coffee Cocktails

Peppermint Mocha $6
Baileys, Peppermint Schnapps, Frangelico, white chocolate blended with ice

Espresso Martini $7
Grey Goose Vodka, Frangelico, Kahlua, Espresso

Coffee White Russian $7
Grey Goose Vodka, Kahlua, brewed coffee, cream